So yup, today the challenge ends. And after digging a lot, here, I present you my last quote for this challenge.

” Life may give you Infinite reasons to Die, But it’s you, who has to find that One Reason to Live ” – Movie Dialogue

 My friend  SOMYA ARORA, had invited me to be a part of this three day quote challenge.

This quote comes from real intellectual brains. Frustration and failure accompany stress and  depression. Which results in a person, losing faith in his own existence.

But, if we view positively, then we see that, there’s more to life.

Next time you are a bit depressed, try doing Buddhist chanting. I swear, it helps loads. The background music being sober of Monk Mantras, the vibration created due to the Tibetan bowl, the voice of chanters in unison. The aroma of the scented candles. The setting up of a calm atmosphere. The experience is way too amazing.

Okay ! So I end here peeps. And just re-read the above para by feeling every word. That will be enough to calm you at this hour of stress. Feel every word. I would elaborate it someday later in my diary. The secret is really worth knowing. Till then, I am heading to my chanting classes.

One failure may break us, but several activities can build us. Like, one may go horse riding, or pet a dog, or maybe learn some skill like swimming, or probably have sober parties with genuine people. This reminds me. A very drastic effect on the way of our living depends on the type of people we hang out with.

All that’s deep psychology which I use on my friends, and honestly it helps. I guess, I find solace in changing the decisions of people from worse to good.

Take care and lots of love to all my readers.

Rules of the Challenge :

  1. Post 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate 3 new bloggers each single day of the challenge

My nominees are:

  1. theonlysup
  2. Parveen Sabharwal
  3. wwwpalfitness

Huff and a puff… challenge done away with .