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13 November 2015

Today I was going through my Instagram account, when I came across a post which read…


” Hello mum

First off, I’m sorry for not being a daughter you always wanted me to be. See I’m sorry for all the troubles I caused you. but I am..umm..eloping. With Mark. When you shouted at me last night , about how ashamed you were of me for switching boyfriends like a cheap slut, I realized that you were right. I am not a daughter any mom would have wanted. But you were wrong about Mark. I’ve known him for only a week, but he’s an absolute gem. Maybe I will never contact you again, stay healthy and happy, knowing that I am out of your life. And I will prove that you should never doubt my decisions.

Love Katie ;

The note that was now in her family’s mailbox replayed itself in her mind, as she sat there numb. Physically numb. The ropes were cutting into her wrists and ankles as Mark tightened the ropes  with his evil grin on. ”


So this post itself highlights on how, our generation is way too forward with true love, love at first sight and all those stupid stuff. It actually takes time to know a person, to get in terms with their wave lengths, to acknowledge the company they provide you with.

But, what I think must now be bothering Katie is, how her mom had loved her even after all her flaws, and she deserted her love, for a week old guy, who of course doesn’t seem in love with her. Some would say well deserved, but no ! the girl cannot be blamed completely. It all lies in the lesson our parents give us during growing years. Now you may say that, who obeys them after a certain age. But the truth is, if you have ever got any of those lessons in your life, they would always prick your conscience when you move towards committing a wrong task. It would always stop you from wrongs, given that a parent has had a very strong influence in a child’s overall development in a good way, the will power overtakes the bad conscience , and you find yourself taking the right path in life.

Lust has overtaken Love nowadays, its the body that is desired rather than the heart. Maybe that is the reason, why rich people get hooked with beauties. Anyways, that’s none of our concern. The concern lies with the strength in our family, the bond, the upbringing, the attention and the family atmosphere. No family is perfect, its how well the situations are handled, which makes up a True Family.

Take time to rethink your decisions, whether you are right, or you are lusted .

“A Family is not made, its Built out of Affection, Consumed is not Love but Lust, Won is the Heart, not the Body “